Brass Handle Relocates to IMS

Same number new location

Office 952-927-7777

Come see our new digs

275 Market St (The Old Munsingware buildings)

Suite 184 of “IMS”

Take 35 W South to 94 West to Hennepin Lyndale exit

Stay on Lyndale  to the right exit

Follow Lyndale on left side of fork to Glenwood left to Market street right








Brass Handle-21 Brass Handle-41 Brass Handle-40 Brass Handle-36 Brass Handle-35 Brass Handle-33 Brass Handle-31 Brass Handle-30 Brass Handle-29 Brass Handle-28 Brass Handle-27 Brass Handle-26 Brass Handle-25 Brass Handle-23 Brass Handle-22

Brass Handle

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